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What does success look like for you?   Would you like some help getting there?

Are your days rushing by, filled with tasks that hold little meaning. 

Are you a busy professional, an aspiring athlete, emerging business leader or dedicated student? Are you going through a period of change? One commonality among all of you is the desire to do better. Our lives are crammed full of distractions which inhibit our progress. Coaching enables you to reflect on what you want to achieve in specific areas of your life.

We will identify the habits and behaviours that will support and empower you to set you on the right path towards achieving your goals.

Partner with Mindset Master and we will move at a pace that suits you and explore an agenda of your choice. You are in a safe, confidential space with us, where you can share your ideas, hopes and aspirations both great and small.

Your life is yours to design. Invest in yourself through coaching, you will be amazed where it will lead you.

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What do you want for your business? What is it all for?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business owner?
Is your vision of the future blurred?
Are you so caught up in the day to day tasks of running your business that you struggle to see the bigger picture?
Do you have trouble creating and retaining customers?
Or dare I say it are you stretched too thin serving too many customers?

Everyday business the world over struggle with these same questions. John O'Brien started an Electrical Contracting and renewable energy installation business at the beginning of the economic crash in 2007. This business not only survived but thrived through the recession. 
John will bring both his unique whole system coaching style as well as his vast experience in conducting his own business to the coaching process. 
Through this coaching experience, we will examine your current business model, customer generation strategies, your current work habits and much more. 

As a business owner you are by your nature motivated and brave. That willingness to take risks sets you apart. 
Enrolling in a coach mentoring program with John is a brave move for any business owner. We hold very deep emotional attachments to the business that we create. By entering the process with John you will, however, gain a fresh new vision for your business. 
This fresh perspective will give you an added edge over your competition who will still be busy firefighting in their own business. 

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Ignite your love for exercise

The benefits of competing in sports of any description at any level are far-reaching. Would you like to return to sport but through fear or lack of motivation have struggled to take the first steps?
Are you at a crossroads with your sporting life? Have you excelled in one sport or another and now want time to re-access what your next goal should be?
Have you lost your joy for training and competing? Are your goals your own or have you inherited them the people who surround you?
At its core, sport at every level must be both challenging and enjoyable experience. Sport gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of our body and mind. The ability to compete in any sport is a gift. Completing a couch to 5k or running an artic marathon both require a motivated mindset and a clear vision of success.
Contact us today and discover your WHY for your sport and plan you're HOW to succeed.

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Stand out from the herd and carve your own path

Do you want to further your career but are unsure what route to take?

Is your vision for the future of your organization blurred and lacking direction?

Are there never enough hours in the day to complete ever-increasing tasks?

Have you a desire to attain greater control over your career path or work practices?

Was there a time in your career that you had a work-life balance? Would you like that balance again?

This is your time to regain control of your career, find your purpose and design the life that you want to live.

Partner with Mindset Mater today, we will assist you in designing the strategy to enable you to reach your full potential.



Gift yourself with Coaching, it bring you to places that you never imagined

We are all unique in our own way. Here at Mindset Master, your uniqueness is celebrated. You and you alone hold the pen to write your story. Let’s make it a good one. We are here to partner with you to identify goals that are in line with your values and support you in identifying the best path towards achieving your goals. With the right mindset, you can and you will succeed. Partner with us today and take that first step closer to your life of endless possibility.


Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. 

Viktor E. Frankl



You can achieve so much more with your life if you just take the first step. Partner with Mindset Master today and re-ignite your passion for life, your motivation to continue to learn and grow.

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John O'Brien is an accredited Coach with the WACN World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience. Click on the link to Learn More