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Sport has played a large part in my life. Sport specifically triathlons, adventure races, athletics and surfing, my confidence began to grow and my mind was opened to all that is possible in our lives once we have the right mindset and clarity around what we want to achieve. I can still remember the conversations that lead me to compete in my first adventure race in 2007 and my first triathlon in 2009. Both of these conversations were with people who were close to me, who believed in my ability. I’ve had similar people support me in business, encourage and support me to explore new ideas. This support was set against the backdrop of the recession in Ireland. This support kept me focused and excited about business when all around me people were shutting up shop and leaving our beautiful country. The value of surrounding yourself with supportive people who want you to succeed cannot be understated.

 As a young adult, I had professional ambitions, I worked to advance myself, buy my car and house. I had great plans and ideas of what I thought a successful life should look like. I had hopes and dreams but I had not discovered the tools or developed the awareness of myself to build this life that I thought focusing on my career would create. My life was driven by external influences with no clear definition of what was my WHY. 

My passion for understanding people, their motivation’s and what causes them to sabotage themselves has lead me into the wonderful world or executive and life coaching. I believe that through partnering with a coach you give yourself the opportunity to improve yourself in a specific area of your life. The real magic happens when these improvements spill over into the other parts of your life. You can achieve so much more if you just give yourself a chance. I launched my first business in 2006. I started out as an Electrical Contractor but soon positioned myself as a renewable energy expert. My business not only endured the 2008 crash and following the recession, it thrived. The knowledge and experience that I gained through those sometimes lean years have helped mould me into the person that I am today. For that, I am truly grateful. I now work with small business owners and startups to enable them to gain a clear vision of what the want to achieve with their business. 

The story of Mindset Master starts with observing the world that you and I now inhabit. Many of us live in a world of abundance yet for so many of us feel empty, starved of any real focus or meaning in our lives. In our rush to attain more, many of us have forgotten how to check in with ourselves. We are so busy chasing that promotion, new business contract, marathon PB, whatever it may be that we rarely take a breath to re-access WHY we are chasing these goals in the first place, what will success actually look like and what will we have to sacrifice to fully commit to achieving success, whatever success looks like for you.

We may succeed by our own standards or others but until we step back and reflect on WHY each and every goal is important to us and how does it align with our values? We will never be fulfilled.

Your story is our passion at Mindset Master. You are the star in your show. We are excited to work with you to share tried and tested tools and insights that will enable you to convert your aspirations into actions, that through sustained practice enable you to achieve your goals, both great and small.

Your life is a result of how you and you alone perceive it. If your thoughts and beliefs have not been serving you if you’re finding sustaining motivation a challenge, whether that goal is in sport, business or life. Contact Mindset Master today and arrange a free consultation.

This is your life, your story write it with your own pen.

John is an accredited coach with the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience, the WACN. Click on the link to learn more. 



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